10 Caregiver Breaks You Can Enjoy in Less than 15 Minutes

10 Caregiver Breaks You Can Enjoy in 15 Minutes or Less

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Caregiving can be a rewarding experiencing, providing thousands of family caregivers with a sense of comfort knowing they are providing the compassionate care their aging parent or loved one needs. At the same time however, the responsibilities of being a caregiver can cause physical and emotional strain. To eliminate the risk for health complications, it is imperative that caregivers recognize the signs of caregivers stress and find ways to relax, preventing caregiver burnout.

As a leading provider of home care in Grand Rapids, we stress the importance of respite care for caregivers. Because some caregivers feel they simply don’t have time to take a break, we thought we’d offer a list of suggestions for stress relieving activities that you can do in fifteen minutes or less. All you need is a short break and you can refocus, relax and re-energize.

  1. Write in a Journal – Journaling is a popular activity for caregivers to get their feelings out, while also tapping into their creative side.
  2. Walk around the Block – A simple stroll or walk around the block can give you fresh air, a bit of exercise and can help calm your mind.
  3. Deep Breathing Exercises – Controlling your breath is an easy way to control how you feel. And what’s better is that this form of meditation can be done in any time increment, in almost any destination or location.
  4. Sip Green Tea – Packed with L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger, sipping on a glass of green tea can help restore feelings of calmness and purpose.
  5. Take a Bite of Chocolate – Dark chocolate regulates levels of the stress hormone cortisol, making it so just a single bite can help quiet any nerves or anger.
  6. Count Backward – It might sound strange, but studies show that slowing counting backward from 10 can help worries from getting out of hand.
  7. Squeeze a Stress Ball – Not only can this small portable object be taken with you everywhere, many caregivers find that a few squeezes can help relieve tension.
  8. Splash Cold Water – While a refreshing splash of cold water might feel nice on your face, dropping cold water along your wrists and behind your earlobes can help calm the entire body because of the major arteries found here.
  9. Organize – You can feel like everything is out of control when there’s a mess in front of you. Take a few minutes out of the day to organize and enjoy the benefits later on.
  10. Stretch – Standing up for a quick stretch can go a long way in terms of relieving muscle tension and you can pack a handful of beneficial stretches into a short 15 minute time frame.

Short breaks can help keep caregivers from feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities. However, if you provide care for an aging parent or loved one that has complex needs, for instance, as the result of an advanced condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s, you may need assistance that goes beyond a 15 minute break each day. If you do have any aging parent or love done who suffers from a cognitive condition, learn more about specialized dementia care in Grand Rapids which offers respite and quality care for your aging loved one.

It is also important to know that you are not alone in this journey. It’s okay to ask for help. Reach out to a Care Manager at Home Care Assistance of Grand Rapids today. As a leading provider of part time and 24 hour care in Grand Rapids, you can rely on our highly trained caregivers and devoted Care Management staff to help you cope with this new stage in life. Dial 616-243-0835 to schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation.