Aging in Place Trend: Seniors Age in the Comfort of Home

Aging in Place: An Emerging Senior Care Trend

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Now that the baby boomer generation is entering the golden years, a lot of older adults are thinking about where they will age and how they can maintain their lifestyle and independence. This has given rise to the “aging in place” movement, a lifestyle that makes sense for many members of the senior population.

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place means that a person can remain in the home of their choice for the rest of their life with appropriate support services, whether it’s home modifications or in-home care in Grand Rapids from professional caregivers. This lifestyle allows seniors to keep their sense of autonomy and regular routines.

Why Seniors Prefer to Age in Place

Aging in place offers many benefits to seniors and their families. Studies show that those who choose to age in the comfort of home far better on the happiness scale than seniors who must relocate to unfamiliar nursing homes and retirement communities. When a person or couple opts to age in place, they stay near their friends, family, pets, community, favorite stores, and places of worship, providing an additional sense of security and comfort.

Creating a Safe Home Environment

If a home is not senior-friendly, a few simple modifications such as installing grab bars and shower seats in the bathroom and lever-style doorknobs can make activities of daily living easier for an older adult. Making sure rooms and hallways are well lit and moving commonly used items to lower shelves or easy-to-reach places can also help to prevent falls or accidents at home. Larger home renovations include lowering kitchen and bathroom counters for ease of use, and widening doorways and hallways, especially if the senior uses an assistive walking aid such as a cane or walker.

For persons who require a bit of help with daily activities as they get older, a professional caregiver may provide the level of support needed to maintain independence at home. Care from reliable home care agencies such as Home Care Assistance often offer flexible hourly and live-in care in Grand Rapids so seniors can choose the level of care and schedule that best meets their individual needs.

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