Fun Arts and Crafts Projects for Creative Seniors

5 Arts and Crafts Seniors Will Enjoy

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Getting crafty can be a good way for seniors to pass the time and keep their minds active by making decorations for the house or creating gifts for family members. Here are some ideas for fun craft projects for seniors, brought to you by the senior care experts at Home Care Assistance in Grand Rapids.

Glass Gem Suncatchers

Have your loved one fill a plastic lid with a clear liquid glue, then place glass gems on the glue in a design or even randomly. Allow the glue to dry for several days, thenhave him or her use a pin to poke a hole in the glue and thread strong fishing wire through it. Now the suncatcher can be hung near a window to let the light shine through the gems.

Painting Clay Pots

Get a clay pot with matching tray and some acrylic paints. Let your loved one paint and decorate the pot however he or she chooses, which can be simple or elaborate. Allow the pot to dry for several hours before moving it and the result is a unique pot to plant some flowers in.

Egg Carton Wreath

Your loved one will need egg cartons, pipe cleaners, a wreath form, some small bells, and acrylic paint. Have him or her turn the egg carton so the bottom faces up and cut between the bumps to make flower shapes. Next, the flowers need to be painted. When they are dry, a hole large enough to fit the pipe cleaner should be poked through the bottom of each flower. Your loved one can affix a bell to one end of the pipe cleaner to nestle in the center of each flower, and the other end of the pipe cleaner will be used to attach the flowers to the wreath form.

Tea Light Holders

Use old baby food jars and acrylic paint to make tea light or votive holders. Your loved one can paint the jar as desired and then put a flameless tea light in the center to make a simple, yet beautiful decoration.

Button Tree

For this art project, your loved one will need black acrylic paint, heavy cardboard or a canvas, craft glue, and a lot of buttons. If he or she is not a strong artist capable of drawing a tree freehand, a tree stencil may also be needed. The black paint creates the image of a tree on the canvas or cardboard. Once the paint dries, your loved one can affix the buttons to the tree limbs as “leaves.” He or she can use traditional greens and browns, or go for a fall theme and use yellows, oranges, reds, or greens.

For seniors who love creative projects that stimulate the mind and give them a chance to work with their hands, arts and crafts can make for a wonderful pastime. However, if your loved one faces mental and physical challenges preventing him or her from performing regular tasks around the house, arts and crafts may not be a feasible option. If your loved one needs assistance completing daily tasks, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer 24/7 live-in care and flexiblehourly care in Grand Rapids, and our caregivers can provide mobility assistance, transportation, and social interaction for your loved one. For more information, call one of our Care Managers today at 616-243-0835.