5 Brain-Boosting Board Games for Seniors

5 Mentally Stimulating Board Games for the Elderly

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Most people associate board games with their childhood, but people of all ages can enjoy these games. Board games help seniors pass the time, and they also can be an excellent way to keep the brain active and stimulate cognitive skills. These five brain-boosting board games are excellent options for seniors to consider. 

1. Apples to Apples

In each round of this game, one player draws a Description card while the other players pick a Thing card that best matches the description. This game encourages word associations, making it perfect for seniors who need to work on their language and speech skills. It is particularly useful for seniors who are trying to regain function after a stroke, but even healthy seniors can benefit from the language skills built by Apples to Apples.

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2. Monopoly

This board game is a classic for a reason, so it is no surprise that it shows up on this list. Monopoly encourages seniors to do basic math, read cards, and recognize colors and shapes. In addition to the more basic brain exercises, Monopoly also rewards seniors who think ahead, strategize, and plan their goals. This type of long-term thinking can further stimulate the brain.

3. Settlers of Catan

Seniors who are willing to learn new rules may greatly enjoy Settlers of Catan. In this strategizing game, seniors are encouraged to collect resources, think of ways to use these resources to win the game, and negotiate deals with other players. As seniors try to gather resources and build their cities, they can stimulate their cognitive skills.

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4. Pandemic

Pandemic is another unusual board game that has started to gain a lot of attention lately. The game requires players to work together to overcome a challenge. Pandemic helps seniors work on their problem-solving skills, and it encourages creative group thinking. This focus on teamwork can help seniors further refine their interpersonal and strategic skills.

5. Scrabble

Scrabble might seem simple, but it stimulates several cognitive skills. As seniors play, they have to recall words and remember spellings. They also get to add together points and plan words that help them play better. This board game is quite useful because it combines language and math into a basic and easy game while encouraging seniors to strategize toward long-term plans.

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