Chocolate for Senior Mood & Memory Health

Could Chocolate Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s?

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As it turns out, a little bit of chocolate a day might be just what the doctor ordered! If your aging loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, a new study is showing that chocolate can have a positive impact on memory and mood issues associated with the degenerative disease.

Research shows that chocolate can reduce cholesterol. Cholesterol that builds up in the arteries can turn into plaque and occlude blood flow, which can contribute to dementia. Diabetes is another disease that chocolate combats, and untreated diabetes can lead to a breakdown of many body organs, including parts of the brain.

Chocolate also promotes healthy circulation throughout the body, especially to the brain, which helps to keep brain tissues active in retaining and recalling memories. When the human brain does not receive adequate blood flow, it cannot function properly, which leads to memory loss and confusion. Eventually the brain may lose part or all of its memory function, leading to generalized cognitive decline.

As effective as some medications are for these conditions, chocolate is an undeniably tastier and more enjoyable option. To reap the full cognitive health benefits of chocolate, an in-home Alzheimer’s caregiver in Grand Rapids can prepare a healthy cup of hot cocoa or a tasty treat with dark chocolate.

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