5 Incorrect Assumptions About Senior Dementia

5 Misconceptions About Dementia in Seniors

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When your senior loved one receives a dementia diagnosis it can be devastating. Often, there are dozens of questions that immediately come to mind. One of the best things adult children can do is make every effort to understand the disease. Home Care Assistance, a top provider of Grand Rapids in-home dementia care, shines some truth on 5 common dementia myths.

Myth 1: Dementia is caused by drug abuse. 

Given that many drugs can alter the chemistry of your brain and alter your perception of what is going on around you while under the influence of them, it’s no surprise that many people believe drugs can contribute to developing dementia. Abusing drugs is a dangerous and unhealthy practice for a myriad of reasons, but studies have shown no link between abusing drugs and developing dementia as a senior.

Myth 2: Dementia is just another word for Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s disease is one type of cognitive disorder categorized under dementia. A person with dementia does not necessarily have Alzheimer’s. In fact, there are ten types of dementia a senior can have.

Myth 3: Ginkgo biloba or red wine will prevent memory loss from dementia.

This was an avenue of research pursued by doctors and scientists for several years, but the studies eventually revealed that ginkgo biloba had no significant effect. Red wine has had marginal benefits, but not to a significant enough degree to draw conclusions yet. Certainly following a healthy diet, including a little red wine and dark chocolate, won’t hurt, but it also might not be a cure-all.

Myth 4: If your parent or grandparent has dementia, so will you.

Certain, lesser prevalent, types of dementia do have a genetic component, making it possible for you to have an increased risk of dementia if a family member develops it. However, dementia is not passed down with nearly the regularity that some people believe and the majority of cases are not inherited.

Myth 5: Once you have dementia, there’s nothing you can do.

There may not be a cure yet, but there are ways to slow the progression of dementia. There are medications and supplements available, and mental, physical, and social activities are all effective countermeasures.

If your senior loved one has dementia and needs help around the home, reach out to Home Care Assistance in Grand Rapids. Our caregivers can assist with a wide array of daily activities, and every caregiver is trained in our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which was designed to slow metal decline through mental stimulations. To learn more or to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, call (616) 243-0835 to speak with a Care Manager today.