How to Encourage a Senior Loved One to Exercise

How to Motivate an Elderly Loved One to Exercise

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Seniors need to maintain healthy lifestyles as they grow older so they can boost their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Being physically active is one of the best ways for seniors to slow the aging process and increase their longevity. Here are some things you can do to encourage your senior loved one to exercise on a regular basis. 

Customize the Exercises 

When exercises are too difficult to complete, older adults may refuse to do them altogether. If your loved one has limited mobility, impaired vision, or difficulty using thinking skills, you can customize the exercises to his or her abilities. Simplifying exercises is one of the best ways to encourage seniors to stay physically active. For example, if your loved one is unable to stand up for long periods, tailor some of his or her favorite activities based on the physical limitation. Instead of having your loved one stand, find fun exercises he or she can do while sitting in a chair.

Engaging in regular exercise is just one of the many ways aging adults can boost their health and wellbeing. Seniors who want to remain healthy as they age can benefit in a variety of ways when they receive professional non-medical home care. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Home Care Assistance is here to help your loved one accomplish daily tasks, prevent illness, and focus on living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Explain the Benefits 

Aging puts adults at risk of developing various illnesses and diseases, but exercising can reduce those risks. When seniors understand the risks and how exercising can help, they may be motivated to work out and keep their minds and bodies in good shape. Talk to your loved one about all of the advantages regular exercise provides, such as a reduced risk of developing diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancer. Encourage your loved one to speak with his or her doctor to learn more about the short-term and long-term benefits of exercising. 

Suggest Joining Social Groups 

Working out with other family members, friends, or seniors is a good way to motivate your loved one to exercise. Your loved one may look forward to socializing with other people, which is also great for his or her emotional health. Enroll your loved one in fun exercise classes such as dancing, yoga, or water aerobics. Social groups make exercising seem more like a hobby instead of hard work.

Seniors often need help exercising. Aging adults who need help around the house, transportation to medical appointments and social events, and assistance with exercise can benefit from having an in-home caregiver. Grand Rapids seniors can enjoy greater independence and receive regular mental and social stimulation when relying on a trusted professional who is expertly trained in various aspects of senior care.

Set Realistic Goals 

Seniors sometimes shy away from exercising because they are afraid of failure. Instead of starting off slow and working their way up, older adults often expect fast results. When those results don’t pan out, they may become upset and give up exercising altogether. Help your loved one set realistic goals, and encourage him or her to achieve them. You can even purchase the equipment and exercising gear he or she needs. Be supportive and avoid being judgmental. Being realistic and positive can motivate seniors to continue exercising on a regular basis.

Family caregivers may not always have the time to help their senior loved ones exercise. Some seniors need occasional assistance at home, and oftentimes the family members who take care of them need time away to run errands, take a nap, go to work, or take a vacation. Grand Rapids, MI, respite care experts from Home Care Assistance are available on an as-needed basis, giving your family peace of mind that your loved one will remain safe and comfortable while you relax or focus on other important responsibilities. To get the best in-home care services for your elderly loved one, call us at 616-243-0835 today.