Top Foods & Supplements for Eye Health

A Holistic Approach to Eye Care

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One of the more common ailments associated with aging is the degeneration of your eyes. Whether being diagnosed with diseases like cataracts or glaucoma or simply suffering from dry eyes or blurred vision, the loss of sight can be a frustrating and daunting part of getting older. However, there are some natural ways you can improve and protect your eyesight. Below is a list of a few clinically proven foods and vitamins that aid in increased eye health.

Fresh Vegetables

Kale and orange peppers do wonders for your eyes. Kale contains a high amount of Lutein, which is a type of carotenoid. Carotenoids are concentrated in the eyes and help protect them. Orange peppers contains a different kind of carotenoid called Xeoxanthi. When your eyes have low levels of carotenoids, there is a much greater risk of developing diseases so incorporating fresh kale and orange peppers into your diet can do wonders.

Consider having an in-home Grand Rapids caregiver prepare a fresh and delicious stir fry using these ingredients. For an extra boost of nutrients, cook with extra virgin organic coconut oil and add carrots and lean protein.

Vitamins C, D and E; omega 3- fatty acids; beta-carotene; bilberry; grape seed; selenium; and chromium are all vitamins that help maintain eye health. All of these vitamins are found in the eye and help keep it healthy and strong. When the eye is vitamin deficient, there is an increased risk of disease and vision degeneration. Consult your health care provider to learn how to appropriately supplement these vitamins to ensure that they don’t negatively interact with medications you are already taking.

Do not underestimate the power that proper nutrition can have on your eye health. By incorporating a few fresh vegetables into your diet and supplementing with quality vitamins, you can build a strong shield against eye disease and degeneration, avoiding the physically tolling and expensive surgeries required for so many eye diseases.

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