Top Gadgets for Seniors With Parkinson's

Parkinson’s Gadgets Make Everyday Living Easier

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Common Parkinson’s symptoms include tremors, stiffness, and rigidity, making certain tasks of daily living difficult. The Grand Rapids senior care experts at Home Care Assistance recommend these special gadgets to make your senior loved one’s days easier.

HandSteady mugs are designed to look and feel like an adult’s china teacup. However, they’re actually no-spill mugs with a 360-degree rotating handle and tilt stabilizers that compensate for tremors and limited flexibility and mobility.

Spring-loaded scissors need barely a squeeze to work and automatically open after each cut. Most are available with large, soft grips and make opening product packaging or cutting paper, cardboard, or fabric possible.

Liftware eating utensils have an easy-grip stabilizing handle with 70-percent tremor compensation. The utensils are battery-powered, easy to clean and let seniors participate in social meals with confidence.

Speech amplifiers and messengers can help with vocal weaknesses. Pocket-sized amplifiers come with handheld or headset microphones. Your loved one can try the Go Talk messenger, which holds 36 recordings that replay with the push of a button.

Angled measuring cups with an angled oval inset allow seniors to see measurements while looking down into the cup rather than lifting it. Measuring cups are available up to 8-cups and come with a soft-grip handle.

Nonsnag button hooks and zipper pullers are good for more than just buttons and zippers. With a large grip attached to a long loop or hook, they can help with threading or catching items that otherwise demand steady fine motor skills.

Steady Write pens have a block grip that uses friction against a writing surface to steady the hand and smooth writing. They are inexpensive and suitable for left- or right-hand use.

High-tech apps for smartphones can measure tremors and track and display results over time. Users hold the phone and let it collect daily data that might prove helpful during medical appointments.

Does your senior loved one with Parkinson’s need extra help with daily activities? Dependable Parkinson’s care in Grand Rapids can provide him or her with the extra assistance needed to make day-to-day activities easier. Call a trusted Care Manager from Home Care Assistance at 616-243-0835 to schedule a free in-home consultation.