5 Books for the Senior Reading List

Good Books for Senior Citizens

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It may be too late to stuff your senior loved one’s stocking with treats, but leading Grand Rapids home care provider, Home Care Assistance, recommends adding these five books to your elderly relative’s reading list in 2015.

1. The Daughters of Mars
Set in 1915 during the first World War, this engaging novel features the adventures of two Australian sisters who journey to the bloody battlefields to care for sick and dying soldiers. The sisters grow closer as they go through one harrowing experience after another.

2. The Little Old Lady Who Break All the Rules
This uproarious novel features the exploits of Martha Anderson, an elderly member of a care facility who fantasizes about robbing a bank to add some excitement to her life. She and her feisty friends decide to rebel together against their caretakers and plan for a possible escape.

3. The Summer Guest
This novel chronicles the emotional journey of an elderly man who arrives at an isolated summer camp in a Maine forest. He plans to spend a peaceful day fishing at the camp, a place that he has journeyed to for decades. However, unexpected circumstances lead to surprising discoveries.

4. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Set in a mental institution, this novel chronicles the efforts of feisty inmate Randall P. McMurphy and his friends to revolt against the cold-hearted Nurse Ratched. This 1960’s classic was made into an acclaimed feature film.

5. Joy for Beginners
Kate gathers a group of friends together to celebrate her recovery from cancer. At the meeting, she announces that she is going to go white water rafting–something she has always been too frightened to try in the past. She also challenges each of her friends to agree to do something that scares them.

Whatever your senior loved one’s reading preference, there is sure to be something on this list for him or her to enjoy. If you are concerned your elderly relative isn’t getting enough activity or companionship during the winter months, consider a caregiver in Grand Rapids, MI who can assist around the house, transport your loved one to and from appointments or activities, and provide daily company. Call a friendly Care Manager at (616) 243-0835 to learn more about the senior care services available in your area and schedule a free in-home consultation.