New Year's Resolutions for Boosting a Senior's Health

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Your Elderly Loved One Can Make

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While many people don’t take New Year’s resolutions seriously, they can be a great way to spur a person into a healthier and happier New Year. If you’re thinking about suggesting some New Year’s resolutions for your family this year, make sure you don’t leave out your senior loved one. Here are some great ideas for healthy New Year’s resolutions a senior can benefit from. 

Quitting an Unhealthy Habit

Whether it’s snacking late at night, smoking, or a caffeine addiction, almost all of us have one or more unhealthy habits. This year, challenge your loved one to give up at least one bad habit to make a positive change in his or her overall health. Seniors can be more significantly affected by unhealthy choices due to their age and may have been subjecting their bodies to these habits for a long time, which means change is more imperative than at any other time in life. Help your loved one develop a plan to quit a habit and then help him or her stick to the goal. Encourage your loved one to not give up since it can take some time to get into a new habit or break an old one. 

Giving the Mediterranean Diet a Try

One of the best diets for healthy living is the Mediterranean diet. This diet contains many plant-based foods, whole grains, legumes, nuts, lean protein sources like fish, and healthy oils and fats. It has been lauded as one of the healthiest diets in existence and has been proven to reduce numerous health conditions seniors are prone to such as heart disease. 

Trying Something New and Exciting

Whether it’s a new hobby, setting a goal of trying new foods, or fulfilling a long-held desire, there are many benefits to trying something new. The excitement caused by a change of pace can help keep your loved one young at heart and may help reduce the risk of depression. Encourage your loved one to pick an activity he or she hasn’t done before and give it a try. 

Spending Time with Other Seniors

People of any age can benefit from spending time with others in the same age group. However, this can be especially beneficial for your loved one because other seniors are likely to understand specific age-related concerns he or she may be facing, such as losing independence or the need for home care in Grand Rapids. The chance to express these concerns and work through them with someone who is empathetic can be a valuable gift. Encourage your loved one to make it a priority to spend time with another senior at least once a week this New Year.

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