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Home Is Where the Heart Is

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As National Heart Month draws to a close, our heads are spinning with all the different ways to keep our heart healthy. We are jogging, eating fresh produce, meditating, and seeing our doctors. It’s been so hectic for us as we incorporate these new ways into our already busy lives, but Home Care Assistance Grand Rapids would like everyone to remember where our hearts truly are. No, not just in the left side of our chests. Our hearts belong to many things and people. They are in our friends, families, and pets. They are in our neighborhood streets and businesses. They are in the home that we spent countless hours on painting, fixing, and decorating until it finally became our oasis. Many of us bypass the fact that health can be fragile and part of stabilization is keeping our surroundings familiar.


Moving is often listed as one of the most stressful life events we endure during our time here. Saying goodbye to a place you love, packing up everything you own, and relocating to an unfamiliar environment wreaks havoc on your emotions, stress levels, and body. That coffee shop you loved down the street is no longer there. The familiar faces of your neighbors or the employees at your local hardware store become a distant memory. You knew how to get anywhere in 15 minutes from your house and now you have to navigate a whole new route for every place you wish to go.


It’s certainly not an easy task. However, imagine all of these changes happening on top of the changes that come with age- a slow loss of your health and mind, the grief after the death of your friends and maybe your spouse, and your memory fading along with your eyesight and hearing. It sounds like a recipe for a disaster and often times, it is.


Studies have shown that keeping elderly loved ones at home for as long as possible is most beneficial for their health and slows their decline. Particularly in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, placement in facilities leads to much higher rates of death.


Home could very well be the only constant in someone’s life. Everything rapidly changes around our elderly loved ones- their abilities, their friendships, their families. Maybe the only thing in their lives that hasn’t changed is the beautiful home that they have lived in for years. This is the home where they went to after a long day of work, threw parties, raised a family, decorated and organized,  and now it is the home that they wish to grow old in.  


Because of this, Home Care Assistance Grand Rapids is committed to keeping you and your loved ones at home for as long as possible. We offer the people and the tools that are needed to continue a safe and healthy lifestyle exactly where you want it to be.

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