Strengthening Muscles & Joints for Better Senior Bone Health

Strengthening Muscles & Joints for Better Bone Health

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With age, the body stops creating new bone tissue, leading to deteriorating tissue and a fragile skeleton. This fragility increases one’s risk for broken bones, which for seniors and older adults, could lead to permanent disability. Fortunately, there are ways to replace brittle bones with new and healthy tissue.

What is the most effective way to way to improve bone health? Strengthening the muscles and tendons that the bones are attached to. As these tissues grow and get stronger, the bone tissue reacts and begins to grow and regenerate in order to support them. The result is a stronger framework to hold up surrounding tissue.

Of course, before starting any exercise regimen, it is important for seniors to consult with their doctor or primary care physician. If you have difficulty performing certain activities, it may also help to have a family member or part-time Grand Rapids caregiver by your side to offer assistance and ensure safety and comfort.

An exercise routine that incorporates both weight bearing and muscle strengthening activity will provide the stimulus for the bone to grow new tissue. If you or an aging loved one have just broken a bone or are new to exercise, opt for low impact activities like elliptical devices, walking or aerobics that put less force on the body – and your bones – as you step.

The second type of exercise that will help promote muscle strength and spur bone growth is muscle strengthening routines. You don’t have to use heavy weights – body weight exercises are some of the most effective forms of activity to gradually drive the body into growing new tissue. Stretching exercises are also great for improving joint strength and mobility. However, it is important that seniors make sure that they know their limits. The goal is to improve your mobility and flexibility, not try to bend your body into an impossible position.

Seniors and older adults should look at replacing bone tissue as a holistic process that can benefit you in the long run. For more information about senior fitness and health, visit our website at or contact a friendly Care Manager directly at 616-243-0835.