Natural Ways Seniors Can Lower Cholesterol

How Seniors Can Lower Bad Cholesterol Naturally

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While various drugs and medications can be used to treat high cholesterol, there are also many natural ways your senior loved one can lower his or her LDL level. As a leading provider of Grand Rapids stroke care, Home Care Assistance offers some suggestions to help your senior loved one decrease their bad cholesterol and reduce their risk of heart disease in the process.

Eat Better

Simply cleaning up his or her diet is one of the best and easiest ways your senior loved one can naturally lower cholesterol. Reducing sodium intake, eliminating trans fats, and reducing saturated fats will make a world of difference. Here are a few foods worth eating more often thanks to their bounty of health benefits.

  • Oats
    Research shows that oatmeal protects the heart in a variety of ways, including lowering blood pressure, glucose levels, and bad cholesterol. The substantial amount of soluble fiber in oatmeal also leads to individuals feeling full and satisfied for longer periods of time, which can suppress hunger and ward off excessive eating.
  • Beans
    Beans are a fantastic source of soluble fiber as well as protein. If you or your loved one’s Grand Rapids caregiver does the grocery shopping, you can buy the canned variety and make sure they are low in fat and sodium. Beans go great with eggs for breakfast, or as a side for lunch and dinner. Encourage your loved one to eat five servings a week for maximum benefits.
  • Fish
    The American Heart Association suggests gaining a better understanding of how to incorporate healthy fats into the diet, and getting at least 25 percent of daily fat from healthy sources such as fish and nuts. Salmon, tilapia, and tuna are some of the best to eat regularly and are easy to prepare.

Quit Smoking

Research has shown a convincing link between heart issues and smoking. The Mayo Clinic advises that smoking cessation decreases blood pressure and heart attack risk, and may lower cholesterol as well.


Being even a little overweight can increase bad cholesterol. Luckily, losing just a little weight can help lower bad cholesterol substantially. Encourage your loved one to incorporate physical activity into all aspects of life, and help him or her find a senior group fitness program.

All of the above mentioned suggestions offer ways to not only lower bad cholesterol levels, but also to increase your senior loved one’s overall wellbeing. For more information on senior health, call a trusted Care Manager at (616) 243-0835 or click here for more information. When you put your senior loved one’s care in the hands of Home Care Assistance, you can count on experienced and compassionate caregivers, around-the-clock availability, and transparency in care services.