StrokeNet Aims to Strengthen Michigan Stroke Care

All About Michigan StrokeNet

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Michigan StrokeNet was born from the collective energies of 9 hospitals in the state. The new relief network for stroke victims promises to revolutionize treatment. It also establishes unprecedented support for families struggling to cope with a loved one’s sudden stroke. Michigan StrokeNet is linked to a broader network combating stroke across 25 states in the country. Home Care Assistance in Grand Rapids, MI takes a closer look at how Michigan StrokeNet is helping our local senior population combat the threat of stroke.


What will this new network offer for stroke victims and their families?


Michigan StrokeNet enhances stroke research. Sharing research is streamlined into a collective database. Efforts to advance stroke treatment across the state become linked in their pursuits, which are then plugged into a broader nationwide network spearheaded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.


In addition to bringing stroke research into the lightning fast world of 21st century networking, Michigan StrokeNet will be funded to provide a full spectrum of stroke care. In each state, these stroke networks are required to offer services to marginalized communities often cut off from the latest medical treatments. The network will provide emergency medicine, neuroradiology neurosurgery, vascular neurology, neuroimaging, pediatric neurology, neurointensive care, and stroke rehabilitation.


In the past, breakthroughs in treatment of strokes would be delayed for years before reaching the wider medical research world. The goal of stroke networks is to eliminate this gap between research, education, and implementation. The University of Michigan system is already managing the nationwide NINDS network. Several of its campuses act as conduit between Michigan stroke specialists and those plugged into the NINDS collective around the US. The University of Cincinnati will have the distinct honor of overseeing all regional centers.


With Michigan StrokeNet, stroke caregivers in Michigan, families, and stroke survivors will have a significantly better chance at implementing effective stroke rehabilitation and recovery. Nationally, NINDS presents a unique opportunity to achieve massive gains in understanding and treating strokes.


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