Outdoor Pastimes Your Elderly Loved One Can Enjoy

Perfect Outdoor Activities for Seniors

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It is important for seniors to get outside during the warm summer months since the vitamin D generated by sun exposure can be great for the bones and brain, plus the feeling of sun on the face can lift the spirits of those who may have stayed indoors too long. Grand Rapids Home Care Assistance has put together this list of fun outdoor activities your elderly loved one might enjoy.

Bird Watching 

This pleasurable hobby can be an excellent choice for nature-loving seniors. There are community bird watching groups your loved one can join, and many bird watching resources are available at bookstores, libraries, and nature centers. Birdwatching gets seniors outside and exercising their brains, as it encourages them to remember different types of birds and their songs.

Arts and Crafts

Making outdoor crafts such as decorations for a garden can be a great way for seniors to get some fresh air and be creative while doing it. Your loved one can also bring paper, pencils, and paint to a scenic park or lake and create some inspirational art. Seniors who particularly enjoy painting might want to enroll in an outdoor art class to help improve their skills.


Fishing enables seniors to spend time outside, relax, and socialize with their fishing buddies. Many seniors already know how to fish, which makes finding a good fishing location an important consideration. Try searching for local piers and lakes that allow fishing, then help organize a fishing expedition for your loved one and his or her friends, ending the day with a picnic or fish fry.

Yard Games

There are a number of outdoor games that can be enjoyed by seniors. Horseshoes are a great choice for those with strong arms, and croquet is a low intensity game that can be modified for various skill levels. Shuffleboard is perfect if your loved one lives near a court, and badminton is ideal if he or she is mobile but wants an activity less intense than tennis.

Outdoor hobbies can help promote both physical and mental health, but some seniors may require an extra bit of assistance to get out of the house. If your loved one needs mobility assistance in order to enjoy the great outdoors, consider an hourly caregiver in Grand Rapids. The caregivers at Grand Rapids Home Care Assistance are available to provide transportation, as well as offer companionship and social interaction. For more information, call one of our friendly Care Managers at 616-243-0835.