Preparing an Aging Loved One for an Upcoming Surgery

Helping a Senior Loved One Prepare for a Surgery

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Undergoing a surgery or medical procedure, even when planned ahead of time, can be a frightening experience that leaves the patient feeling anxious and scared. These feelings can be magnified for senior adults who face an increased risk for complications. If you have an aging parent or loved one who has an upcoming surgery scheduled, we have a few pre-surgery that can help make a trip to the hospital as comfortable and as safe as possible.

As with a patient of almost any age, research is the most important step of preparation. Seniors and the loved ones that will be helping them through these events should get to know as much about their condition and the procedure as possible. This will help them understand exactly what must be done beforehand, such as putting a halt to medication or steering clear of solid foods for a certain period, and what to expect immediately after the surgery. This research should start with a comprehensive conversation with the primary healthcare provider or the surgeon overseeing the procedure.

Those that will be helping to care for the patient should get a good idea on how long the recovery period will take place. Both in the hospital and once released, there should be an individual assigned to be with the senior to make sure all needs are met. While most patients will recover in a matter of days or weeks, those that will be on painkillers for an extended period of time or have had a more complex surgery may require 24 hour home care in Grand Rapids for an extended period of time.

Family and friends should also prepare themselves for the mental and physical state that their loved one will be in. In some situations, a family member may not be equipped with the skills or have the time to provide the appropriate level of care for a safe and effective recovery. If this is the case, seniors and their families should seek help from professional caregivers. These individuals are trained in how to ensure comfort and safety during the recovery period, and can take on any of the seniors home or personal care responsibilities so he or she can focus on their rehabilitation.

In the end, a safe surgery and comfortable recovery is all above forward planning. Elderly patients should have as many family and loved ones involved in the process as possible to not only provide them with physical support, but with emotional support during these stressful situations.

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