Top Social Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Easy Social Activities for Seniors With Dementia

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If your aging loved one is living with dementia or another type of cognitive disorder, it’s important to recognize that providing social activity and interactions is key to caring for your loved one. Activities should be meaningful and connect to interests that they had before the onset of symptoms. They will also likely need to be tailored to meet your aging parent or loved one’s skill and comprehension level to ensure that the activity is enjoyed instead of leading to anxiety or frustration. Trusted dementia caregivers in Grand Rapids have put together a list of activities that may increase self-esteem, dignity, and emotional connections among seniors experiencing cognitive impairments.

1. Puzzles and Games: these help to provide structure which is often craved by people suffering from dementia. Grab close family members and do a crossword puzzle together or help your elderly loved one with electronic card games that allow for variable settings.


2. Scrap-booking: this activity can easily be broken down into small steps, which helps to reduce stress and frustration. Working on a scrapbook together not only allows the senior a chance to think, but it opens up conversations and allows for reminiscing over photos and trinkets.


3. Creative pastimes: these help focus on past interests and provide sensory stimulation. Try knitting, crochet, painting and drawing, all of which provide relaxation for both the senior and the caregiver


4. Activities at Home: provides a sense of normalcy for the patient and family member or caregiver. Join them outside for some gardening or invite them to help cook a favorite meal. Both of these activities provide aging adults with a sense of pride, accomplishment and purpose.
These activities provide comfort for the senior, but the activities also bring a sense of closeness for family members. People need to feel loved and wanted. By providing social activities that are easy to accomplish, seniors are given ways to stave off loneliness and depression. Interactions with friends and family members offer great emotional support for dementia sufferers. The important thing to keep in mind is that activities should be at the appropriate level for aging adults. Keep all activities brief and simple so that there is no frustration build up.

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