How to Stay Connected with Aging Parents & Loved Ones

Ways Families Can Stay Connected With Aging Parents

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Families are not as connected as they used to be. Because of the pursuit of career goals and personal family matters, adult children often live far from their aging parents, and even those who live nearby have demanding schedules which can make it hard to visit on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are still ways in which adult children can maintain a close relationship with their aging parents, despite physical distance.

  • Keep a Schedule – The most important thing to remember about staying in touch with parents is to write them into your schedule. Your relationship with your parents is as important, if not more important than the job you have, so it should be treated that way. Schedule a time where you can visit each week to have a meal, help with household chores or run errands. Take this time to engage them in conversation and ensure their safety and comfort at home. If this is not possible due to physical distance, consider Grand Rapids hourly care where a professional and trained caregiver can assist with activities of daily living, personal care, medication reminders, transportation and more.
  • Utilize Technology – There are many senior-friendly technology options that families can use to stay in touch with their parents. Whether a tablet, computer or even a smartphone, take the time to invest in a gadget for your aging loved one. Set aside a day where you can show them how to use it and walk them through making calls, checking emails or even surfing the web. While technology offers a way for you to video chat and stay in contact on a regular basis, technology offers other benefits which can help aging adults stay engaged with the world around them.
  • Enlist the Help of Others – As your parents age and encounter new challenges with living at home, more frequent visits will be necessary to ensure their safety and wellbeing. To help lighten the load, seek the help of others. Have other family members check-in with them if possible and ask neighbors to contact you if something seems out of the ordinary or in the event of an emergency. You can always look toward professional Grand Rapids caregivers who are available to help on a flexible basis when you are unable to visit.

If you are concerned about an aging parent who is living at home, contact Home Care Assistance of Grand Rapids and schedule a complimentary no obligation consultation with a Care Manager. They can provide additional information about our Grand Rapids home care agency and will answer any questions you may have regarding care schedules, caregivers and cost of care. Call 616-243-0835 and learn more about the benefits of in-home care for seniors.