4 Supplements Your Senior Loved One Should Take Daily

4 Beneficial Supplements for Elderly

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Senior health and wellness is a primary focus of the Grand Rapids in-home care experts at Home Care Assistance, and as we age our nutritional needs change. Although it is best to get the bulk of our vitamins naturally from food, nutritionists recommend seniors take supplements, as both diet and absorption can prevent seniors from getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals through daily diet. There is no one size fits all vitamin, but there are four main supplements seniors can incorporate into their daily routine to help fill nutritional gaps.

1. A good multivitamin.
A well-rounded multivitamin can be taken once or twice daily and should be food-based and natural. Steer away, as much as possible, from synthesized vitamin and mineral supplements. Besides rounding out nutritional needs, seniors who take a multivitamin daily have shown a decrease in illness and increase in mental function.

2. Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D.
Vitamin D protects bones from thinning and becoming brittle, and helps with calcium absorption. Calcium, too, is necessary for elderly bones and needs to be taken with magnesium so that a calcium/magnesium imbalance does not develop. Studies also show magnesium can help improve muscle strength in elderly. Ideally, give seniors one supplement that combines all three.

3. Fish oil.
Fish oil, or omega-3 fatty acid, helps decrease the risks of heart disease and enhances brain function, joint function, and overall wellbeing. Fish oil can also promote increased bone density and help prevent memory loss.

4. Chia seeds.
Chia seeds provide fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids. Regularly consuming chia seeds can help keep weight stable and encourage regularity in seniors. Chia seeds taste great sprinkled on oatmeal, yogurt, salads, rice, or blended in a smoothie.

Be sure to discuss vitamin supplementation with your elderly loved one’s healthcare practitioner, and don’t forget that vitamins aren’t an excuse to skirt nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet.

If you want to ensure your loved one is living a happy, healthy life, consider a local caregiver through Home Care Assistance who can provide medication reminders, grocery shop, cook healthy meals, and promote an overall high quality of life. Our caregivers are thoroughly screened, available 24/7, and trained in our proprietary Balanced Care Method, which focuses on a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and maintaining a sense of purpose. To learn more about services in your area or to schedule a free in-home consultation, call (616) 243-0835 to speak with a qualified Care Manager today.