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The Joys of Caregiving

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If you come by our office in The Shops at CenterPoint or need our services in a pinch, you will most likely have the pleasure of meeting Hallie Rimmer. Hallie has been providing unparalleled senior care with us for 12 years. She currently serves as our administrative assistant in addition to her work as an on call and regularly scheduled caregiver. This week, we sat down with Hallie to learn about the joys of caregiving.


  1. What’s the best part about being a caregiver?

I get the opportunity to help people who need special care.


  1. What was your fondest memory as a caregiver?

One of my clients and I decided one day that we wanted to bake some banana nut bread. “Oh Hallie I’m so excited!” he said. “Richard, you should be. No one makes banana bread like me,” I replied. We put the bread together, put it in the oven, and when we came back into the kitchen, it looked beautiful. We cut it open and it was raw on the inside.We had to throw it away. We were laughing so hard because I was bragging about my baking skills and he was saying how good it smelled and how excited he was for it.


  1. What made you want to become a caregiver?

I have been a caregiver since I was in the 6th grade. I used to go to the nursing facility for my grandmother, who I was named after. She went there after she had a massive stroke and I went in to feed her. I have always had love for the elderly, that is why I became a caregiver with Samaritas 12 years ago.


  1. What does it take to make a good caregiver?

Patience, understanding, and good listening skills.


  1. Who has been your favorite client?

One of my clients was a seabee for the navy. I enjoyed listening to his stories about where he had gone in other countries to prepare the way for navy and other service members to come in. We would watch the history channel and he would tell me all about his experience in history.


  1. What would be your advice to someone considering this field?

Make sure this is your passion, calling, or gift because it is going to require a lot of physical, mental, and social skills. You have to have the social skills for this.


If you or someone you know is interested in a career in caregiving, visit or call (616) 243-0835.