5 Tips to Make Traveling with a Senior a Breeze

5 Tips to Make Traveling with the Elderly a Breeze

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Many people look forward to traveling in their Golden Years, and with the right help, you can make that trip-of-a-lifetime happen for your aging family member. Savvy travelers know that planning and preparation is the key to a stress-free trip, but when you’re accompanying an older adult, taking these 5 extra steps can make the trip more enjoyable.

  1. Travel Rested – Nothing spoils a trip faster than fatigue and exhaustion. Make sure to schedule a day of rest before and after your trip. You may wish to enlist help from a professional Grand Rapids hourly home caregiver who can help your loved one prepare and recover from your holiday. This can also help relieve some of the stress and responsibility from you, ensuring you are able to prepare and recuperate from your trip.
  2. Pack with Your Loved One’s Comfort in Mind – When packing, choose clothing that’s both comfortable and easy to put on and off. Opt for pants with elastic waistbands or draw strings. Select shirts, tops and sweater that have zippers or snaps instead of buttons. Bring plenty of undergarments, include a hat for protection from the sun and don’t forget to pack a pair of comfy slippers to relax in at the end of a busy day.
  3. Plan Your Itinerary Carefully – During the trip, avoid the temptation to pack too many activities into one day. Schedule in time for naps and rest breaks. Seeing fewer sights will allow both of you to enjoy them more and can ensure that your loved one does not overexert themselves.
  4. Take Along a Companion – If you worry that it may be too difficult to meet the needs of your family member on your own while traveling, consider taking along an additional companion. The same Grand Rapids home care agency that provides hourly caregiving for your elderly loved one at home may offer on-the-go care as well, whether you need someone who will drive your family member to the airport or accompany you on your vacation.
  5. Make Your Needs Known – When making reservations for a flight, a hotel room or a restaurant, don’t be shy about asking for extra accommodations. Let people know that your loved one has special needs. Speaking up may garner you an aisle seat on a plane, a ground-floor room at a resort or an early dinner reservation.

Traveling with your aging parent or grandparent doesn’t have to be a hassle and can be done in a way that is rewarding for all parties involved. Learn more about our hourly and live-in care in Grand Rapids by contacting a Care Manager today at 616-272-7028. We also offer complimentary consultations to help make sure our care options are the right fit for your aging loved one!