5 Modern Books for Elderly Audiences

5 Popular Reads for Seniors

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Summer is an excellent time to dig out books to read on the beach or on the back porch. For many senior readers, the warm weather offers a way to relax outside and catch up on some of today’s most popular novels. Read on for popular summer reads for the elderly, presented by Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior home care in Grand Rapids.

1. Hot Pursuit by Stuart Woods
Stone Barrington is Wood’s outspoken protagonist in this popular adventure-thriller series. In the latest installment, Barrington, a former New York cop, must deal with a new adversary and stop trouble developing on the international front. If your elderly loved one enjoys a bit of adventure, he or she will fall in love with this exciting action and mystery-packed novel. As the book is also a part of a series, if your relative enjoys the novel, there are thirty-two others waiting to be devoured.

2. The Chance by Karen Kingsbury
Ever popular with senior readers, Kingsbury delivers again with her newest novel, The Chance. A tale of childhood friends, broken lives, and time-worn promises, this heartwarming story is uplifting. For seniors who are more interested in stories about social ties and relationships, this novel will serve as a reminder that friendship conquers all and that, for true friends, it’s never too late to make amends.

3. The Bridge by Robert Knott
This newest entry in the gun-slinging western series, A Cole and Hitch, features territorial marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. Though the Robert B. Park series has been taken over by Robert Knott, this action packed novel’s shootouts and horseback chases are as engaging as ever. Senior gentlemen will especially enjoy this tale of bandits in the Wild West brewing trouble at the Rio Blanco camp.

4. The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg
This comic novel details the adventure of a Southern mother-daughter duo, Sookie Poole and Lenore Simmons, who must reimagine who they are after making discoveries about their pasts. A New York Times Best Seller, The All-Girl Filling Station is a quick read that entwines history, fantasy, and mystery into a wild tale. For seniors and younger demographics, this story offers a fun and exciting way to pass a summer afternoon.

5. 14th Deadly Sin by James Patterson
As with all Patterson’s books, the 14th Deadly Sin can be enjoyed as a standalone or within its series, A Women’s Murder Club. In this latest novel, Detective Lindsay Boxer and her three closest friends must stop a new terror sweeping the San Francisco streets. Filled with action and suspense, this lively and fast-paced read will keep your loved one’s eyes glued to the page.

If your senior loved one has a memory condition like dementia, encouraging him or her to engage in mentally stimulating activities like reading can help delay some symptoms. A dementia caregiver in Grand Rapids can also help promote your loved one’s brain health by providing one-on-one cognitive stimulation. At Home Care Assistance, all of our caregivers are trained in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, an activity-based program designed to promote mental acuity. To learn more about the benefits of in-home senior care for your elderly loved one, give a knowledgeable Care Manager a call at 616-243-0835 and schedule a free in-home consultation.