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What We Learned From Women’s History Month

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At Home Care Assistance Grand Rapids, we have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Women’s History Month. We heard from the women who are currently changing the landscape and culture of Grand Rapids. We listened to the history of the women who came before us in Grand Rapids and shattered our glass ceilings. These women pave the way for us to be leaders, dreamers, and visionaries in our community.These are the women that history books are written about and we will honor each year in March as women who helped make our own dreams possible.

While it is very important to celebrate the famous women of the past, it is perhaps more important to celebrate the women who may not be remembered in history books or city presentations. These women led us through the most important moments of our lives far before we had developed the capacity to hold a memory. We call them by various names, but usually we call them mom.

It was once said that the greatest thing in life one can be is a parent. Parents do the work for a life that depends totally on them. They selflessly bring us into this world and prepare us with all the tools we need to navigate it and be successful. They do this willingly and with love, like no one else can or would.

On the very last day of Women’s History Month, remember the women who made history in the world, but also the woman who made your world possible. May we love and cherish these women always. And one day when we get the chance to care for them back, may we celebrate it and provide them with the best care there is.