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What You Need to Know About Home Care for Veterans

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Looking at getting some extra help at home as a veteran or for a veteran? Here are 6 things you should know:


  1. Home care refers to the non-medical help that comes to the individual in need wherever they are. These men and women who directly service the people in need are called caregivers and they provide assistance for people who have trouble completing activities of daily living on their own. Activities of daily living are normal, everyday tasks that become difficult with various health conditions. These activities include everything from bathing to grocery shopping.
  2. Veterans and their spouses or surviving spouses can qualify for home care to come to them for up to 20 hours a week at no cost to them. That could mean help for four hours each week day! This extra help can create a very safe environment for someone who was previously at risk due to health conditions.
  3. There are a number of qualifying factors, but most veterans meet these qualifications. They must have served a minimum of 90 days of active duty, one day during a time of active combat (but not necessarily in active combat), and they must have been honorably discharged.
  4. Beyond the qualifications, there are four more considerations. They are: which war the service was during, what medical conditions require extra help with activities of daily living, the income to medical expense ratio, and assets.
  5. Once everything is approved, services can start in 30-40 days.
  6. Home Care Assistance Grand Rapids can help! We will work to get individuals approved and provide the extra care they need.


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